Doing business with CyberSquad IT is allying yourself with a partner which will help you reach your goals, optimize your IT department and therefore reduce your operation costs.

Our main mission is to be available when you need it. We can also act as your own IT department or support the one your already have in place.

At CyberSquad IT, we do things differently: we analyze your real IT needs and your entire network infrastructure. Having a complete set of documentation of your systems, we then submit our recommendations alongside with a service contract customized for your business reality. This detailed documentation will also help our efficiency to answer your users’ support requests, which will exceed your expectations!


Each member of our team is carefully chosen. Despite the distances, all CyberSquad members works as one to offer out of this world service and solutions.

Our secret: communication, collaboration, team spirit and information sharing between colleagues, customers et partners.


At CyberSquad, we all have the same passion for IT. We’ve got the inner fire!

Below are the values on which our business and commitment to our customers were founded:

Respect and integrity: Act with honesty and sincerity in order to maintain a unifying trust relation.

Excellence: Strive for excellence in everything we accomplish, wether it is a large project, a small task, a simple communication, a process or any other business matters.

Pushing yourself to new heights: Always give the best of yourself. Push against the limits to constantly evolve and exceed the expectations.

Commitment: Deliver what was promise on schedule and within the allowed budget.


Through the years, CyberSquad has forged a solid reputation due to its hard-working team members.

Our technicians hold many technical, management and best practices certifications recognized worldwide.

Moreover, many of our team members participated to large projects all over the world: Africa, Europe, South America, Siberia, Nunavik, etc. This brings in a unique experience allowing us to offer limitless services and solutions.


One-stop shop: All the services you need under the same roof. Easy to say and do when you work with world class strategical and technological partners.

These partnerships allow us to always be at the edge of technology and offer limitless solutions.

We’re looking forward to work with you and participate to the growth of your business.

Only one number :

1 (888) 980-4618