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Services Offered :

  • Security Policies
  • Standardized Processes
  • Organizational Structures
  • Risk Management
  • Alignment of IT Strategies with Objectives
  • Robust Security Controls

Law 25

Wondering about the steps to comply with Law 25 and its impact on IT aspects? Rest assured, our team is here to advise you. We have precise reference documents designed to transparently clarify the steps to follow, ensuring your alignment with legal requirements. Trust us to guide you effectively through the implications of Law 25 on your IT environment.


  • Comprehensive Protection: Our security policies aim to create an infallible shield, covering all aspects of your business to prevent internal and external threats.
  • Preserved Confidentiality: We guarantee the confidentiality of your sensitive data by implementing rigorous policies that limit access to critical information only to authorized parties.
  • Data Integrity: Ensure your data remains intact and unaltered with our security policies that include verification and validation mechanisms.
  • Adaptability: Every business is unique, which is why our security policies are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring custom protection for your digital assets.
  • Ongoing Training: We invest in training your staff, sensitizing them to best security practices, thereby strengthening the first line of defense.

Cybersecurity Strategies

In the digital age, cybersecurity becomes the first line of defense against emerging threats. At CyberSquad IT, we understand the crucial importance of securing your data and operations. Our commitment to cybersecurity goes beyond mere protocols; we are the guardians of your digital integrity.

Our Unparalleled Cybersecurity Solutions:

  • Advanced Prevention: Anticipate threats with our cutting-edge solutions that identify, block, and neutralize attacks before they can cause damage.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Our security team continuously monitors your network, reacting swiftly to anomalies to prevent potential security incidents.
  • User Training: Strengthen the first line of defense by educating your employees on best cybersecurity practices, thereby reducing risks associated with human errors.