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At CyberSquad IT, we do things differently: we analyze your real IT needs and your entire network infrastructure. Having a complete set of documentation of your systems, we then submit our recommendations alongside with a service contract customized for your business reality. This detailed documentation will also help our efficiency to answer your users’ support requests, which will exceed your expectations!

The initial analysis allows us to collect to most information we can on your current infrastructure in order to be more effective on support calls.

We do analyse:

  • The switches and routers
  • The Internet ivity
  • The firewalls
  • The internal IP subnet
  • The servers
  • The workstations
  • The printers
  • The ERP, accounting systems or any specialized softwares
  • The remote access
  • The antivirus and antispam protections
  • The backups

With all this information in-hand, we generate a network schema and a recommendation document. This is very helpful to get a general idea of what your infrastructure is made of.