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Security Audit

Entrust us with the assessment of the information systems security of your company to reduce your risks related to data theft.

Services offered

  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing
  • Review of policies
  • Review of standards and procedures
  • Analysis of the business continuity plan
  • Analysis of your access rules
  • Analysis of the security of your emails
  • Analysis of network architecture
  • Analysis of data protection strategy
  • Analysis of the contingency plan
  • Proactive monitoring (link to another page)
  • Identification and prioritization of risks
  • Analysis of your telecommuting strategy
  • Analysis of the security of your cloud systems

Advantages of a cybersecurity audit

  • Correction of vulnerabilities
  • Reduction of hacking risks
  • Compliance
  • Improvement of policies and procedures
  • Faster disaster recovery
  • Less productivity losses
  • Better protection of your data
  • Business continuity

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

Our penetration testing and vulnerability assessment service provides a comprehensive evaluation of your computer system's security. Identifying potential weaknesses, it allows for strengthening the resilience of your infrastructure, ensuring maximum protection of your data against cyber threats.

Phishing tests

Evaluate the level of protection of your email system. Train your users to distinguish between a legitimate email and a phishing attack. Considering that 90% of cyber attacks start with a simple email, there are plenty of reasons to conduct a phishing test. The security level of your computer systems will be greatly improved as a result.

Recommendations for people in management and finance.

We recommend protecting the email accounts of members of management and individuals working in finance. They are prime targets for hackers. See our email security page for more details.

Cybersecurity awareness

In order to adequately prepare your users against cyber attacks, we recommend combining a phishing test campaign with a Cybersecurity awareness session. Our phishing test campaigns include detailed statistics that enable us to provide personalized training for your users.


  1. Analysis of your systems, business processes, suppliers, and partners
  2. Preparation of an action plan for phishing test campaigns
  3. Preparation of templates and recipient list
  4. Launch of phishing campaigns
  5. Analysis of results and recommendations
  6. Implementation of recommendations
  7. User training using the information and statistics gathered from phishing campaigns

If you still have hesitations, feel free to give us a call for more details. Our team is ready to understand your current needs and customize our services to precisely address every aspect of your business. Opt for a tailor-made service that perfectly adapts to your requirements, and let us guide you towards bespoke solutions to boost your success.

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